Key Staff

Hazim M Abdulwahid



Fahad Habili

Projects Director

B.S in Architecture

Nicolas Abboud

Director Planning & Design

M.S in Architecture

Mahmoud Abu Saleh

Director Construction Management

M.S in Project Management

Rabea Ali

Director Asset Management

Ph.D in Roads & Airports Engineering

John Betak

Director Railway

Ph.D in Civil Engineering

Bill Graff

Director Aviation

M.S in Civil Engineering

Ibrahim Ramadan

Director Roads & Transportation

Ph.D in Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering

Herman Dutch

Director Maritime

M.S in Port planning

Hamid Ghasemi

Director Bridges & Tunnels Engineering

Ph.D in Civil Engineering

Mohammed S. Al Surf

Green Building Unit Director & Consultant

Ph.D in Sustainable and Green Construction

Ali Maher

Senior Advisor

Ph.D in Civil Engineering

Zaher Beydoun

Quality Manager

B.S in Information System